Auditions: Freckleface Strawberry

Note: This event has already passed.

Date: Mar 18 2019, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

KMC Onstage Theater - Kleber Kaserne Bldg. 3232 Kaiserslautern 67657 Google Map

Freckleface Strawberry is a redheaded heroine the whole family can love.  This musical, based on the children's books by Academy Award winning actress Julianne Moore, is sure to bring a smile to your face and put a song in your heart.  And we're casting for our own local theatrical run at KMC OnStage!

Cast Size: Flexible Cast Type: Adult and children Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Freckle Face Strawberry

Our story's star character, she is an energetic girl who is self-conscious about her freckles. She is teased about them constantly. Defiant, imaginative, caring.


As Danny, an All-American sports star who secretly wishes he was smarter. Envious of Jake's smarts.

Baby Brother

Strawberry's baby brother.


Harry is Strawberry's good friend. Idolizes Danny and his popularity with everyone.

Goofy and boyish.


Jake is one of Strawberry's friends who is loyal and kind. He is very book smart, but idolizes Danny for his athletic abilities.

Ballet Girl

Ballet Girl is in Strawberry's ballet class. A pretty, hardworking and flawless dancer. Her competitive attitude is polarizing, however.


Strawberry's friend. She is a bookworm mature for her age. Tall and awkward.


A zany and energetic educator at school. Uses rap to excite her students.


She is loving to Strawberry and understanding of her embrrassment. Kind, nurturing, motherly.


Strawberry's classmate who makes fun of her red hair and freckles. Adores boys, especially Danny. Popular and pretty. Yearns for Jane's brains and work ethic.


The aforementioned characters will be cast with ages 12+.  The remaining "Freckle Squad" characters will be cast from ages 5-12.


Frankie Freckle

Frankie is a slick gangster Freckle Type from Brooklyn.

Don Fontaine

As Don Fontaine, he is a smooth talking leader of a gangster Freckle squad. A cross

between Marlon Brandon and Don Corleone

Fredo Freckle

Fredo, he is an over-enunciating Freckle gangster. 

Francine Freckle

 Francine, she is a squeaky member, with a Brooklyn accent, of the freckle gangster squad.



Flora, Dora, Gabby, Lionel, Sarah, Janelle - Strawberry's Classmates

Gender: Female

Tap Dancer, clown, Sherlock Holmes, Lady Gaga, guitar player alter egos

Gender: Mixed


You may attend either day of auditions, located at the KMC OnStage Theater.