Voice of Customer - Marketing

USAG Rheinland-Pfalz Family and MWR Marketing

Voice of the Customer Initiative - Is to help Program Managers make decision based upon data to improve the value that we are delivering to our Soldiers, Civilians, Retirees and their Families.


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The Voice of the Customer is a systematic, objective, and unbiased collection and analysis of information about Soldiers, Families, Civilians, and Retirees.

MWR Marketing Office has the skills, ability, and experience to take action to gather, interpret, and provide data and consultation about processes and procedures to better meet the need of our customers based on the Voice of the Customer.  The intent of this initiative will increase Family and MWR’s ability to provide services that are wanted, needed, or desired by Soldiers, Families, Civilians, and Retirees. This improvement should subsequently provide unparalleled success in our Activities.

The ultimate goal is to increase the understanding of the customers in order to provide premium quality programs, products, and services that meet the customers’ wants and needs. In return this will increase the overall satisfaction of the Family and MWR organization.

Information about our customers is extremely valuable when it comes to the Voice of the Customer program. This information can guide the most important strategic business decisions.

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