SKIES Unlimited: Piano Lessons

SKIES Unlimited: Piano Lessons

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Youth of various ages and skill levels are invited to join SKIESUnlimited
for this rewarding class! Let our seasoned professional tailor your child's
weekly instruction to help him reap the benefits of piano lessons. In this
class, patience, positivity and understanding work together to develop music
skills, improve cognitive function, and heighten self-esteem, which will set
your child up for success!
Students begin playing music at the first lesson. As they progress through
leveled lesson and theory books, they receive instruction in: music
notation, exercise techniques, posture, dynamics, practice and memorization.
Students will also receive popular music that motivates them.
15 minutes of practice, 30 minutes of one-on-one instruction, and 15 minutes
at the computer work station pack this 1 hour class with valuable music and
social skills and allows students to exercise physical dexterity and

Ages 4-18



Prices vary per program and activity.

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All participants must register with Parent Central Services. 

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