Virtual Family & MWR

Virtual Family & MWR

Welcome to our Virtual Events and Activities landing page!

With the current situation of the novel coronavirus outbreak that is evolving on a daily basis, all of our events are canceled and most of our facilities closed, therefore, we have created this page for you!
Here you will find virtual events and activities for children and adults alike. Activities, such as story-time, arts & crafts, cooking and baking, yoga and meditation, learning a new language, as well as other Army Community Service classes and much more.
Please check back here often for virtual events and activities that will be added on a daily/weekly basis.
These events will be posted to our Facebook page as well, in which interactive participation is encouraged in the form of posting photos of the craft you created, the banana bread that you baked together with your family, or the German that you have learned, as well as so much more.
We hope that you are game to play with Family and MWR and enjoy your family time together during this current situation.

Disclaimer: Videos are only viewable on non-military networks. (Youtube).

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