Dog Obedience Class

Dog Obedience Class

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Did you know that dog obedience courses are offered through Army Outdoor Recreation?

Family and MWR Outdoor Recreation would like to invite you to join us and take advantage of an informative class to help successfully train your four-legged friend! Our training team keeps up with the most recent positive training techniques to help your dog develop into an exceptional pet that is the envy of all your friends!

Dog obedience classes are open to dogs, 10 weeks of age and older, and are held at building 2902 (MWR Motor Pool) on Pulaski Barracks for the following programs:

Obedience Basics & Agility:

These classes are reserved for dogs that already work off-leash and have a solid basic obedience training. Agility training is included. This is a higher level training course offered for ongoing training to help fully develop your dog and your own knowledge.

Puppy Training:

This course is designed to help you get off to the right start with your puppy. Early socialization and training is very important for your puppy’s development. Each week your puppy will romp around without a leash and interact with other puppies and people. Striving to make all situations as positive as possible for good puppy development. Open to puppies, up to age 6-8 months, depending on the breed. Basic training and introduction to agility is offered.

Newcomer Introductory Class*:

This class is for the newcomers, an introduction to what we do and to evaluate your dog's level of training background and temperament.

Social Issues Foundations Class:

This class is offered for dogs with training and social issues. We work closely with you and your dog, as individuals, to meet your training needs/goals; allowing us to tailor training specifically to each case. 

We use a combination of treats, praise, games and other rewards to teach your pup to be a courteous member of your family and society. Classes provide the best atmosphere for socializing and training dogs of all breeds and ages to learn:

  • Consistent obedience
  • Good manners
  • Self-control around distractions

Please note, all course dates will be scheduled based on availability of instructors and amount of participation. Course objectives may be changed to specific needs of the dog and owner.

Please register in advance with Army Outdoor Recreation.

*Newcomers must e-mail the instructor directly at the below "Email Us" link prior to registration and provide the following information:

  • Dog's age & breed
  • Level of training, your goals and expectations
  • Scanned up-to-date vaccination records

This information will allow the instructor to place your dog in the correct class.